Monday, January 13, 2014

Civil War - 150 Years ago this week - January 12-18,1864

January 12,1864-The USS Yankee, Currituck, Anacosta, Tulip, and Jacob Bell make up a squadron in support of Union General Gilman Marston as his cavalry moves between the Rapphannock and Potomac Rivers, Virginia.

January 13,1864-Louisiana and Florida begin to re-establish "civil authority and free government" under the direction of General Nathaniel P. Banks and General Quincy A. Gilmore, at President Lincoln's direction.

January 13,1864-President Jefferson Davis advises General Joseph Johnston to maintain his strong position at Dalton, Georgia. He especially warns Johnston to 'not fall back' by stating "I trust you will not deem it necessary to adopt such a measure."

January 14,1864-The Confederate raider CSS Alabama under Captain Raphael Semmes captures and burns the Union vessel 'Emma Jane' off the coast of Malabar, India.

January 15,1864-The British Blockade Runner 'Minnie' is captured by the USS Beauregard off Mosquito Inlet, Florida.

January 16,1864-General James Longstreet's I Corps defeats the Union forces of General Samual D. Sturgis at Dandridge, Virginia.

January 17,1864-The Union IX Corps at Knoxville, Tennessee is placed under command of General Orlando B. Wilcox. He replaces General Robert B Potter.

January 18,1864-Admiral Davis G. Farragut aboard his flagship 'Hartford' arrives at Mobile Bay, Alabama. He inspects the Confederate defenses and expresses concern that the CSS Tennessee steam ram could be a problem. He lays plans to destroy it.