Sunday, January 5, 2014

Civil War - 150 Years ago this week - January 5-11, 1864

January 5,1864-A petition to allow African American citizens to vote is circulated in New Orleans. More than 1,000 signatures were gathered, mostly free blacks but some War of 1812 veterans. The petition was sent to President Lincoln.

January 5,1864-Federal troops, supported by Apache warriors, kill or capture a few hostile Navaho along the Pecos River in New Mexico Territory.

January 6,1864-General Joseph Reynolds takes command of the federal forces in New Orleans.

January 6,1864-General James H. Carleton, Commander of the New Mexico Territory, pleads to the Indian Department for clothing and supplies for the many Navaho prisoners suffering in the cold. Most of the prisoners were rounded up by Colonial Christopher "Kit" Carson's campaign in the Canon de Chelly region of the wild New Mexico Territory.

January 7,1864-With mounting Union Army desertions, President Lincoln commutes most death sentences for deserters stating "I am trying to evade the butchering business, lately."

January 7,1864-At Warrenton, Virginia, Major John Mosby's Cavalry routs a large Union force, taking 30 prisoners and 40 horses.

January 8,2864-General John H. Morgan is honored in Richmond, Virginia for his raid through southern Indiana and Ohio and his recent escape from the Ohio State Penitentiary.

January 9,1864-Command of the II Corps, Army of the Potomac is assumed by General Gouverneur K. Warren.

January 9,1864-U.S. Consul at Le Harve, France, James A. Putnam advises Captain John Winslow that Confederate's from the CSS Georgia, CSS Florida, and CSS Rappahannock plan to attack his USS Kearsarge as she leaves the port at Brest.

January 11,1864-Missouri Senator John B. Henderson proposes a joint resolution to the United States Congress to abolish slavery. This is the foundation of the wording of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.